Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Check this out: Orange Leaf

Ahh the wonderful world of self serve yogurt.

"Eat me"

So when I first heard about this yogurt craze I decided to go to the nearest frozen yogurt shop to me. It was a little contemporary place called Orange Leaf sitting in the wealthy part of Boca next to Trulucks and Cheese Course.
And I'll say right now that if you have never had self serve frozen yogurt, stop reading this blog and GET SOME RIGHT NOW.
There are multiple flavors you can choose from and each machine is grouped in two's so you can even get a combination of two adjacent flavors, every now and again the flavors are circulated and I honestly don't care too much because next to the flavors are all the toppings you get to choose from. The toppings range from strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and cherries, to brownie bits, cookie dough, sprinkles and even mochi pieces.
***The price is determined by how many ounces that lump of yogurt and toppings all adds up to. Most places are about 43-46 cents per ounce so don't make the same mistake I did and end up paying 7 bucks for for a cup of frozen yogurt!!***
It's a definite must and if you don't, you're missing out!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Check this out: Fuji Sushi

Ok I know I'm posting kinda fast but I have a lot of places to cover.
I used to be skeptical about sushi until my sister made me try it for the first time, a simple California Roll, and I instantly fell in love with the taste, texture and flavor, so I thank my lovely sister for introducing me to one of my favorite foods.
And I ate it like I was on crack all throughout my first year of college. :D
But I was invited out with some friends to a place called Fuji Sushi not too far from where I lived and my first thought was "Dang, this place looks sketch." But don't be fooled by the tiny parking lot or the string of Christmas tree lights on the front of the restaurant. Go inside, sit down and order your drink because the food is inexpensive and pretty tasty. There is an all you can eat sushi menu that you can customize for $15.00 and yes, the sushi is good, not amazing, but good if you wanted a lunch or dinner full of fancy fish delectables. The regular dinner is pretty well priced, I had my first sashimi there and it was an appetizer for 7 bucks. I honestly didn't think the prices were too bad and the help was very nice. I went back there a couple times and tried ordering different dishes but I still like teriyaki chicken the best...but maybe that's because I'm a sucker for teriyaki chicken lol.
Anyway, go there with your friends sometime and see who pukes first from eating too much sushi :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Check this out: A post dedicated to a place unknown

Ok so there is a little backstory to this place I went to.
I was at the beach by myself sometime in the morning when some guy started talking to me and at first I thought to get up and leave but then he mentioned this sub shop a couple blocks down the road. I guess as a kind gesture he gave me some money for lunch and let me walk towards the bus stop. I stopped at his little sandwich place on the way and the first thing to catch my attention was the very tiny corner it sat on with only a limited space and a few very enthusiastic workers. I walked in and waited to order when a few slices of pastrami flew over my head. In shock I turned to the direction it came from and realized the employees were throwing the sandwich ingredients to each other from across the store (yes it was really that small). I ordered a simple turkey sub with lettuce tomato and some salt and pepper and carried it all the way to my friends house.
I gotta say, that first bite was probably the best I had ever had, and from something so simple.
But then I realized as I swallowed down the lump that I had completely forgotten the name of the place!
I couldn't remember if I tried.
So all I know is that this little sub shop sits somewhere on the corner of Dixie Hwy and Commercial Blvd.
This is to that sub shop...and may someone find it :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Check this out: Makino's Japanese Buffet

So my first blog post is going to be on a cute little Asian Buffet called Makino's. This place already gets a plus from me because I adore Asian food the way teenage girls adore kittens. And for such a location, I'm surprised by the restaurant's atmosphere. I certainly liked it, a beautiful fountain in the front, exotic plants scattered around just enough to give a cozy lunch feel. The staff was very friendly and seated me and my friend very quickly (probably because it was lunch rush but there wasn't much of a rush) And our waitress came, gave us our drinks and sent us on our way to the buffet. Most of the food is served hot and another plus for the habachi grill station that continuously puts out freshly made beef or chicken. There was also freshly made sushi that, even as mundane as it might have seemed, still gave me the little kick I needed. There is also a cold station that serves previously cooked then chilled seafood, and on the other side desserts, fruits and different flavors of self serve ice cream. And don't even worry about breaking your budget because both the lunch and dinner menus are affordable.
Anyway it's a great place to go if you're looking for a place to have a lunch date or take the family out for an inexpensive meal. -Itadakimasu!