Saturday, December 24, 2011

Check this out: Emilio's Italian Cuisine

Ok so I definitely have a thing for Italian food and one of my most favorite places to go is this cute little Italian place called Emilio's. It's pretty close to Sawgrass Mall in the Sunrise area and I haven't found a dish I don't like so far. Considering the part of Sunrise this place lies, I'm not surprised that, like many other places that open up in that area, it hasn't shut down.
But walking and getting a breath of the atmosphere, you feel this homely sense. It's one of those places that has dark mood lighting around most of the restaurant except in the booths with lighting right overhead so you can see the quality of the food in front of you. On a particular day I decided to try their Chicken Marsala, a dish that, surprisingly, I've never had before. I've always loved the booths in that place because the tables have depicted pop-out images of New York and other famous cities, so it's no wonder me and my friend didn't notice our food come by because we were trying to take in every detail of the big picture. The service was friendly as usual and maybe it's because I've been so many times before but some of them have a great sense of humor. And like usual, I loved the food; the Marsala was cooked to perfection with the sauce evenly coating the chicken and mushrooms that gave it an essence that I can't describe, all presented with a white square plate on a bed of pasta. It's certainly something I'd go back for if and when I get the chance. Hope you find it as tasteful as I did.